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Server Rules

Post  Skizerz on Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:07 pm

Thank you for playing on [The Derp Contingent] 24/7 MARIO_KART!  Please read and abide by the following rules, or get shat on!

1.  If a group of people in game are hanging around and not killing, don't purposely hunt them down just to get free kills.  We're strict on this.

2.  NSFW sprays are allowed.

3.  Don't hack, just because VAC might not pick you up doesn't mean an admin won't... and one definitely will.

4.  Bans are very rare, if you're doing something wrong you'll get Admin Aboosed first.  We try to keep away from bans.

5.  If you want a boss fight or something like that, simply ask an admin on the server.

Some unwritten rules also apply, so don't use the excuse "that's not on the server rules".  What an admin says, goes.  If you feel an admin is abusing his power, speak with Skizerz.  If Skizerz is the one abusing power... sucks.

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